Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home from the Hospital

With all the possibilities out there, what do I really need for my baby when I go home. From a developmental point of view there are 3 things that are important to have right away.

1. A foam mat
2. Light weight baby rattles
3. An easily activiated toy 5-8 inches high

A foam mat such as a puzzle-like reversible floor mat give you a safe but firm surface to get started right away with tummy time. It can be used either alone or initially with a blanket or quilt. Tummy time works best with a firm surface so that the baby has something to push against. The earlier you start tummy time the easier it will be for you and your baby.

A light weight baby rattle such as the "Babie Rattle" from Magical Innovations provides an opportunity to develop grasp and to begin working on arm strengthening. Allowing your baby to get the rattle to their mouth will give them comfort. The soft sound will not startle them.

A toy with some height is great to facilitate tummy time. 5-8 inches puts the toy at babies eye level when they are on their tummy. It gives them something interesting to see.

In summary, these 3 tools will go a long way in getting your baby off to a great start developmentally. These are good ideas for baby shower gifts as well.

Please write back with other ideas you have found that work well for babies just getting home. I would also like to know if there are topics that parents or therapists want to discuss.

Thank you.

Vickie Dakin PT